New elderly homes to be built in next 3 years

1-idosos-renato-marquesThe Social Welfare Bureau president, Iong Kong Io, revealed that several new elderly homes will be built in the next three years inside public housing complexes, which will add 700 residential quotas.
Iong said these homes will be located at the Rua da Praia do Manduco, Sai Pai Van and Ká Hó areas, and that they address the demand of some 400 elderly citizens that are currently on the waiting list.
Regarding Hengqin’s plan to build high-end residential care homes for elderly people, Iong said the bureau still isn’t able to assess local residents’ needs and wishes to spend their remaining years on the neighboring island. However, “if the environment and conditions there are attractive to the local elderly, we [the government] will consider if there’s more space for cooperation.” BY

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