Rua da Felicidade and Mount Fortress

New tourist attractions close earlier due to Typhoon Koinu

The newly established tourist attraction at the Rua da Felicidade and Mount Fortress has been directed to suspend operations by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) due to concerns regarding the potential impact of Typhoon Koinu.

In a press statement, the IC said, “Taking into account that Typhoon Signal No. 1 has been hoisted in Macau and the need to ensure safety, the street fair and performances of the ‘Rua da Felicidade Pedestrian Zone Plan’ will be suspended while the typhoon signal is hoisted, and the installations along the street will be dismantled.” The IC noted that the street would continue to function as a pedestrian zone during ordinary hours.

The IC also noted that due to the risk of interference with the lighting installations and facilities for the “Mount Fortress in the Moonlight” light show, this event, which was initially scheduled to run until October 6, will conclude prematurely. No further activities or performance will take place on October 5 and 6.

With the closure of the event, the Mount Fortress schedule will return to normal with a closing time of 7 p.m.

The IC also urged the owners of heritage buildings – particularly those situated in low-lying areas – to enact all necessary heritage protection measures in a timely manner as well as the appropriate wind and flood prevention measures.

According to the latest information from the local Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG), there is only a moderate likelihood of increasing Typhoon Signal No. 1 to Typhoon Signal No. 3 between dawn and the morning of October 7.

The SGM did not forecast any significant storm surges associated with the passing of this typhoon.

In a separate statement, the SMG stated, “According to the present forecast track, ‘Koinu’ might move further westward, approaching the vicinity of the Pearl River Estuary during the weekend and early next week. It is expected that ‘Koinu’ will gradually weaken under the influence of the northeast monsoon.”

Furthermore, the SMG also noted that “since ‘Koinu’ might weaken slower than expected, and it might undertake a track closer to the Pearl River Estuary, the intensity and track remains uncertain. Under the combined influence of ‘Koinu’ and the northeast monsoon, showers will increase from the weekend to early next week, with force 5 to 6 gusty northerly winds.”

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