Ng questions usage of vacant public buildings

Ng Kuok Cheong

Lawmaker Ng Kuok Cheong has questioned the government on the status of three vacant public facilities.

In a written inquiry, Ng said “the public is very disappointed” in the lack of governmental action to repurpose the buildings, and asked for an explanation.

The facilities in question are the old Information Bureau building at Largo do São Domingos; the Old Area Renovation Advisory Committee Office at the Iao Hon community; and the former Cooked Food Area of the Iao Hon Market.

The government had previously said that the former Information Bureau building would be used to exhibit Macau- branded recreational and cultural products, as well as policy service facilities. The advisory committee office site was slated to be used for a public housing project.

The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau is also responsible for converting the Iao Hon Market area into a football field and leisure space.


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