Pereira Coutinho proposes praise for former AL legal adviser

Paulo Taipa

Lawmaker José Pereira Coutinho has submitted a proposal to the president of the Legislative Assembly (AL), Ho Iat Seng, asking for the plenary to approve a vote of praise regarding former legal advisor Paulo Taipa.

The proposal comes after the news on May 30 that the former legal advisor, who was dismissed by the AL at the end of last year in a case that gathered much attention, had been appointed as the representative of the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) at the National Elections Committee in Portugal.

The proposal from Pereira Coutinho was submitted yesterday as a matter of urgency.

In the proposal, Pereira Coutinho notes the importance of the new position and how the legal advisor has served the Special Administrative Region and namely the AL for close to two decades. He highlighted Taipa’s contribution to a large number of important laws, rules and regulations approved and enforced during the legal advisor’s 17-year tenure.

The MAI is the Portuguese government department responsible for public security, civil defense, electoral administration, road traffic safety, and immigration and refugee affairs.

The CNE is an independent body of the Electoral Administration comprising a judge appointed by the Superior Council of Magistrates, six elected MPs, and three government-appointed officials.

It supervises the procedures of the registration of voters and of the national and local elections during its tenure, namely the next  legislative election, which will be held later this year on October 6.

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