Police hold drill to test crime fighting capabilities

The Judiciary Police (PJ) organized a drill to assess the police’s capabilities and readiness in fighting crime.

The drill, which took place at the PJ’s Cotai branch next to the Lotus Border Gate, began at 10:30 a.m., with two employees of a jewelry shop (played by police officers) carrying a large amount of cash to a parking lot located in the PJ office. While the two employees entered their car, three police officers posing as criminals appeared at the parking lot with guns and knives, and proceeded to simulate a robbery of the employees.

In response, police on-duty at the parking lot arrested the criminals. As part of the simulated police intervention, one of the jewelry shop employees was shot, while the other one was taken hostage (both staged).

Two of the criminals were arrested at the scene, as they attempted to leave the parking lot, while the third left with the hostage.

The drill was then moved to the parking lot’s rooftop, where around six police officers – including professional negotiators – went through the steps of saving the hostage.

The police were also required to identify the guns and bullets found at the crime scene.

After the police successfully rescued the hostage, they briefed the media on the drill and provided information about the process that police technicians use to identify guns and bullets. 

The entire drill lasted for approximately two hours.

According to the PJ, 50 employees from police departments were deployed for the large-scale drill.

“This time, the police have organized different stages for the drill. The first one concerns the arrest [of the criminals], the second enacts the inspections of a crime scene, and the third is related to hostage negotiation,” a PJ officer, surnamed Cheong, told the media.

The police officer said that Macau rarely witnesses this scale of criminal activity, but added that local police forces need to remain cautious.

He also said that Macau always organizes drills with its neighboring regions to simulate these kinds of crimes.

According to the PJ, the drill was planned to enhance cooperation between different police departments.

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