Great Times

Portuguese Classic “Francesinha”!

Are your taste buds tingling for Portuguese flavors? Enjoy one of the top 10 flavored sandwiches in the world at Rossio! There’s no better date than Francesinha at MGM MACAU this season.

Francesinha was created in 1950 and has a long history of Portuguese gastronomy. It is an iconic sandwich from the North of Portugal and the city of Porto. It refers to a sandwich served on a plate, full of flavors with layers of sausage, cured ham, and steak wrapped in melted cheese. It is drenched in a unique sauce with beer and seafood as a base, and French fries on the side to dip in!

According to folklore, locals from Porto came up with a Portuguese sandwich that is bigger, better, and more delicious than many sandwiches around the world. They had taken Francesinha to an entirely new level with their special sauce and ingredients. It is best enjoyed while you are famished and have room for monstrosities!

Now you can get a taste of this Porto’s famous dish to satisfy your carnivorous appetite with the Portuguese vibe at the Grande Praça! For more details, please visit



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