Prepaid cards without registration to be suspended by April 19

The Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau has reminded all prepaid card users to register at its telecom shops on or before April 19 to avoid a suspension of services.
In accordance with Article 24 of Law No. 13/2019, the Cyber Security Law which has been effective from December 22, 2019, customers should register using their real names.
Telecom operations should urge prepaid card users to register for their prepaid card activated before December 22, 2019, within the transitional period of 120 days in force under the law.
Mobile services for prepaid cards with no registration will be suspended on April 20, the end of the transitional period, according to a statement the bureau issued.
In order to cooperate with the pandemic prevention work, the public is encouraged to avoid congregating in telecom shops.
The bureau calls on prepaid card users to use online platforms provided by telecommunication operators in order to complete real name registration.
One of the most commonly used prepaid cards among city’s the domestic helpers is CTM’s 4G+ Social Unlimited. LV

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