Quarantine extended to 21 days for all arrivals, except from mainland China, Taiwan

The government has announced that from 10 p.m. today (Monday) all travellers entering the territory other than from medium risk regions in mainland China and from Taiwan will be required to quarantine for 21 days in designated hotels.

These arriving travelers will be required to undergo two Covid-19 tests during quarantine and a third one on the 20th day. The decision to extend quarantine from 14 days to 21 was made after the pandemic situation in Europe seemingly worsened over the weekend with a new variant of the virus being discovered in the UK.

The 14-day quarantine requirement remains in place for those entering Macau from medium risk regions in mainland China and from Taiwan.

There are currently 1,537 people undergoing quarantine in Macau: 39 non-resident workers, 526 residents, and 972 tourists.

According to the government announcement, those already in quarantine will now have to stay for the remaining days until they complete 21 days. This measure also applies to those who left the 14-day quarantine – under 21 days; they’ll have to stay in home isolation until completing 21 full days, including the quarantine period.

The new prevention measures were announced Monday evening by local health authorities at an emergency press conference.

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