Real Estate Matters | The Best Places to Live in Macau (Part 2)

Juliet Risdon

Juliet Risdon

Juliet Risdon is a Director of JML Property and a property investor.
Having established the company in 1994, JML Property offers Investment Property & Homes. It specializes in managing properties for owners and investors, and providing attractive and comfortable homes for tenants.

Welcome back to our article on the most popular places to live in Macau.
We are often asked by people new to hunting for a home in Macau, “Where is the best place to live?”. Last week we highlighted Manhattan in Taipa, Hellene Gardens in Coloane and One Central in Macau.
This week we will take a look at Nova City, Ocean Gardens and Supreme Flower City in Taipa.
Remember there will always be pros and cons in any property and location so you need to know what is essential for you, and what is desirable to make it a good choice for you.

1- Nova City, Taipa
Area: Central Taipa Area residential.
Amenities: Walking distance to restaurants, supermarkets, banks, healthcare, and schools. Bus Stops and taxis nearby. New local park and under ground Public Park are right outside.
Building facilities: Gym, pool, security personnel. Car Parking available in the building, children’s play areas.
Property Features: Good size living space in a large complex.
Rental Prices: Mid Range

2- Ocean Gardens, Taipa
Area: Outskirts of Taipa
Amenities: Local children’s play areas, supermarket 7/11, restaurants are nearby. There is also a shuttle bus service.
Building facilities: Access to members’ only gym and pool. Car Parking available.
Property Features: Good layout and floor plans, good views for apartments situated along the front. Some apartments are recently renovated.
Rental Prices: Mid Range

3- Supreme Flower City, Taipa
Area: Central Taipa.
Amenities: Walking distance to restaurants, supermarkets, banks, healthcare, schools. Bus Stops nearby. New local park and under ground public park are walking distance.
Building facilities: None but this is reflected in the relatively reasonable rental prices.
Property Features: Good quality kitchens with ovens. Large windows making the properties light and airy.
Rental Prices: Mid Range

In the remaining articles we look at the final six most popular areas for expatriates.
We cover three historic areas Coloane Old Village, Old Taipa and St Paul’s Ruins and also some up and coming areas and developments such as Vila de Mer, Residencia, and The Praia in Macau as well as One Grantai in Taipa.
If you would like further information on these properties or a copy of the information mailed to you in pdf format, please e mail me at and we will be happy to send you the information.

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