Review of Culture focuses of Asian Studies

2_IC0523072014Edition number 45 of the Review of Culture, composed entirely in English, is a special, compiled edition linked to the 8th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS8). Held in Macau in 2013, the event assembled some 1,500 scholars from 56 countries and regions. The Times was the media partner of the convention, publishing a daily supplement dedicated to it.
Tak-Wing Ngo, the convention organizer and editor of the journal China Information, introduces a selection of eleven articles. One highlight is an article tvhat focuses on the rise of Asia, written by internationally acclaimed historian Arif Dirlik, one of ICAS8’s keynote speakers.
Paul B. Spooner examines the issue of the “International in the Context of the Project of the Port of Macau,” while Geoffrey C. Gunn scrutinizes “Clandestinity and Control during the Macau Congress of the Indochina Communist Party in the First Half of the 20th Century.”
The art scene in Asia is also an area of interest to a number of researchers. MinnaValjakka presents “Levels of Il/legality of Urban Art Images in China,” while Susan E. Schopp focuses on the “French as Architectural Trendsetters in Canton” and Lan Wang explains the “Conflict and Merging between Eastern and Western Cultures from the Perspective of Christian Art in Macau.”
“The Image of Women as a Reflection of Change in China,” an article by Patricia Karetzky; the “Christian Disaster Management in South China,” authored by Joseph Tse-Hei Lee; and “Printing Technology and the Transfer of Knowledge in the Early 20th Century,” an analysis by Tze-Ki Hon; complement the diversity of topics presented.
To conclude this edition focused on Asian studies, Jean A. Berlie exposes the question of Macau’s identity a decade after the Handover and analyzes the Chinese community in East Timor.
The Review of Culture, International Edition, published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, is available at several local bookstores.

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