Sands China fosters growth of local SMEs

Sands Macao Celebrates 20 Years in Macao

As the city’s first international integrated tourism and leisure enterprise, Sands China has been rooted in Macao for 20 years now, since the opening of Sands Macao in 2004. After introducing Las Vegas Sands’ successful integrated resort model to Macao – combining entertainment, retail, MICE, food & beverage, and accommodation all under one roof – the company continues to invest and actively contribute to the development of Macao into a world centre of tourism and leisure.

Small and medium enterprises are integral parts of Macao’s growth. Since establishing its roots in Macao 20 years ago, Sands China has been upholding the spirit of supporting local SMEs, continuously devoting resources to foster their growth, and implementing measures to prioritise local procurement.

Sands China launched its F.I.T. initiative in April 2017, offering Financial Support, Invitational Matching, and Training and Development to local SME suppliers. The initiative aims to encourage current and new local suppliers – local small, medium and micro suppliers; “Made-In-Macao” companies and Macao young entrepreneurs – to work with Sands China. By 2023, Sands China had recorded a gross procurement amount of MOP 8.4 billion, 26% of which went to SMEs, compared to 19% when the F.I.T. initiative was first launched in 2017.

Fred Ma, president of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, said, “The ongoing collaboration between the Macao Chamber of Commerce and Sands China on the company’s Local Small, Medium and Micro Suppliers Support Programme has been going smoothly, and the programme’s achievements have gained widespread recognition from numerous SMEs.”

Local Supplier Open Day

In terms of Invitational Matching, Sands China has organised a Local Supplier Open Day several times. The event offers local suppliers the opportunity to engage with Sands China’s procurement team and learn about the needs of various departments. Several categories of procurement booths have been set up: food and beverage, outside services and logistics, marketing and printing, operating supplies and equipment, facilities and construction, and Macao brand and made-in-Macao products, attracting the attendance of a large number of suppliers.

Sands Procurement Academy

The Sands Procurement Academy is a first-of-its-kind training programme for local SME suppliers that invites professionals to share their expertise, and was co-organised by Sands China, the Macao Chamber of Commerce and the Macau Productivity and Technology Centre in 2017. Through the sharing of the most up-to-date business knowledge and skills, the academy helps SME suppliers gain experience and capacity for working with large-scale international corporations. While open to all local suppliers, the programme specifically targets the development of local SMEs, especially micro-enterprises, Macao young entrepreneurs, and “Made-in-Macao” enterprises. There have been 14 cohorts of trainees to date, with suppliers earning a completion certificate and gaining preferential procurement opportunities with Sands China upon graduation. By the end of 2023, the Sands Procurement Academy had delivered 8,114 training hours and trained over 520 local SME suppliers, with 486 participants having successfully graduated.

Sands Shopping Carnival

Upholding the spirit of growing with SMEs and the intention of assisting Macao’s economic revival efforts, Sands China organised its first Sands Shopping Carnival in 2020, and since then has provided a free business platform for local SMEs and Sands Retailers for four years straight.

By bringing together international retail brands and local SMEs under one roof, this creates synergistic effects and empowers Macao brands to go global. Four years have passed, and the Sands Shopping Carnival has become an annual signature event for Sands China, giving local residents and tourists an exciting summer extravaganza, while supporting Macao’s development as a world centre of tourism and leisure. The carnival has welcomed over 420,000 visitors in four years to great acclaim, brining positive benefits to the sales and promotion of local SMEs.

Macao Showcase

After three years of a global pandemic, Sands China remained committed to assist local SMEs to expand in the global market. The company held its first large-scale event, Macao Showcase, at Marina Bay Sands last year. The three-day event invited sales and trade partners, regional and international media, Singapore’s residents, and travellers to experience the multifaceted charm of Macao as a world centre of tourism and leisure and a premier MICE destination. Sands China led a delegation of 200 local SMEs and media travelling from Macao to Singapore to promote the unique beauty and products of the SAR. The event reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to support the Macao SAR government in attracting more overseas travellers and diversifying visitor markets. The roadshow also facilitated a number of SMEs to engage in procurement with Marina Bay Sands, thus entering the global market.

What the SMEs say

“Through our collaboration with Sands China, we have come to realize the importance of establishing a strong and cohesive team, which has led to the expansion and development of our comprehensive engineering project team. Furthermore, the partnership has enabled us to broaden our knowledge of the latest industry technologies and practices, including fire safety systems, through Sands’ extensive network. In 2008, we successfully expanded our business to Singapore, leveraging the overseas business opportunities provided by Sands China.”

C.T. Leong, managing director of Min Da Construction & Engineering Company Limited


“Serene Garden is deeply grateful to Sands China for extending their support since our humble beginnings as a micro-enterprise. Without the initial opportunities and assistance, our budding venture may not have flourished. Sands China’s contributions to supporting local SMEs are widely recognized and held in high esteem within the industry. Their support has not only revitalized existing local industries but also provided opportunities and nurturing for new start-up ventures, significantly contributing to the growth of SMEs in Macao.”

Luis M. Silva, manager of Serene Garden

“Sands China upholds high standards for food safety, and our collaboration has heightened Kin Nam Hong’s awareness of hygiene, safety, and environmental considerations in food transportation. As a result, we invested in Macau’s first refrigerated truck and replaced foam boxes used for vegetable transportation with modern plastic crates. These measures have significantly elevated our service quality and fostered closer cooperation between Kin Nam Hong and Sands China. With Sands China’s expanding business, Kin Nam Hong has also experienced growth, increasing our workforce to 35 employees.”


Lei Iong Fai, managing director of Kin Nam Hong Co. Ltd

“Our collaboration with Sands China has provided valuable insights into the models and requirements for working with international enterprises, opening up opportunities for cooperation with larger companies. Additionally, this partnership has allowed us to accumulate extensive experience in logistics and transportation and develop our problem-solving capabilities. As a result, we are better equipped to meet diverse business demands and have established a strong reputation within the industry, enabling us to expand our operations and drive company growth.”

Si Tou Chin Pang, general manager of Chi Kei Fo Van


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