Sands partners with Li Haotong as new brand ambassador

Chinese star golfer Li Haotong

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) and Sands China Ltd. yesterday announced rising Chinese star golfer Li Haotong as an ambassador to the brand.
The announcement was made during a press conference co-organized by both companies and ahead of a golf clinic held by Sands, where Li and Hall of Famer American golfer Phil Mickelson participated as guests.
Announcing the partnership, the president of Sands China Ltd., Wilfred Wong recalled the importance of the brand ambassadors, which include the British football icon David Beckman.
“David Beckham also came to Macau to work together with organizations such as the [Macao] Special Olympics. This time, we have Li Haotong here and I believe that [with his help] we will continue to contribute to make Macau a better place and more famous in the world,” Wong said, highlighting the commitment of the company with local entertainment and leisure industry: “Macau is now at the top of the world in terms of leisure and entertainment.”
Senior vice president of Global Communications and Corporate Affairs of LVS, Ron Reese said, “I am very pleased to welcome golf legend Phil Mickelson to Macau and I am also thrilled to have our new friend Li with us today as he will be joining the Sands family as our global brand ambassador,” adding, “[Li] Haotong has already proven himself as a great talent with a bright future in the game of golf.”
Reese noted the changes promoted in Macau for the past 15 years, remarking that events such as the one being presented – and with great names of the world sport – “show how much Macau has evolved and can [now] attract celebrities and so many types of entertainers that add to the offers for guests from the region and around the world.”
During his remarks, Mickelson noted how he and Li were “excited to share some of our qualities in this game of golf to some of the juniors here and also [to have] an opportunity for us to show off some of our skills and hopefully inspire them.”
He added that he hopes that through events like the Sands Junior Golf Camp, golf [will] become more accessible to the community here because it is such a great sport and has been such an important part of my life that gave me so many gifts that I feel that is my duty to give back to the game to help promote it and to introduce it to many young players and get them involved in the game.”
Li said he was very happy and proud to be a partner of Sands as a brand ambassador.
The Chinese player noted the qualities of the sport, saying that in his opinion it “teaches many values from patience to sportsmanship,” and added, “I am very keen to meet the young Macau golfers and to pass this message to them.”
During the event that followed, in which Mickelson and Li had the opportunity to partner with some of the junior golfers in a competitive skills game, Mickelson added the things that changed his game was his nutrition and physical fitness. “I started to recover better from my training sessions by changing my diet, having a healthier diet and eating a smaller quantity,” he said, noting, “working out [outside the golf practices] also helped a lot,” and contributed significantly to boost his career.
As for Li’s advice, he noted, “you must love the game. You must love what you are doing, otherwise you will get bored easily.”

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