Scholar suggests people be prepared for possible AI sweep

A mainland scholar has suggested at a seminar organized by the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) that people feel both prepared and simultaneously at ease with the prospect of AI surpassing human intelligence.

Academician Yang Xiongli at the Chinese Academy of Sciences provided a detailed explanation of the relationship between AI and human intelligence.

It is an indisputable fact that AI has been integrated into human society, and this has undoubtedly facilitated social progress while at the same time potentially posing risks of negative impacts on society.

Yang said that with its rapid development, AI may surpass human intelligence in many respects, perhaps at a certain point it may possibly control society. He noted that he has previously dismissed this risk.

He now believes his previous view on the supremacy of human intelligence lacks a conclusive scientific basis.

Nonetheless, it is not certain AI capabilities will surpass human intelligence. He cited the recent progress of AI to discuss various possibilities.

For example, Yang said the balanced and harmonious development of the body requires the coordinated operation of all systems. While the relevant technologies are now available and can be put to use, their necessity must be considered when using them.

He also said that AI can accelerate human exploration of the mysteries of the brain, but the relationship between the two must be considered rationally. AL

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