Seac Pai Van’s water plant size trimmed

Nacky Kuan

Macau’s water distributor Macao Water Supply Co Ltd has reduced the land size of its Seac Pai Van water plant, whose construction is expected to begin in the second half of the year.

The land size of the water plant was initially planned to be 27,000 square meters, but it has now been reduced to 17,000 square meters.

During a media luncheon this week, Macao Water executive director Nacky Kuan said that the plant is slated for completion by the end of 2019.

“[With] our original planning, the total capacity of this treatment plant will be 200mld and divided into two phases [but] due to the reduction of land, the capacity of water treatment plant [would be] 130mld and completed in one phase only,” Kuan informed the press on the sidelines of the company’s media spring lunch yesterday.

Meanwhile in terms of profit, the director admitted that its 2016 preliminary financial result showed a six percent reduction in revenue, noting that water demand did not meet the firm’s target.

Macao Water is expecting some MOP65 million in its 2016 profit.

“We [also] have some revenue reduction [due to] the construction activity income, the piling work [… which is] why our profit dropped compared to 2015,” the director explained.

Kuan is confident that the water demand in Coloane  will increase by 2019, citing the growing entertainment facilities in Cotai.

According to the firm’s statistics, the growth rate of water demand in the Macau peninsula is nearly zero, but saw an approximate 7 percent growth in Taipa, Cotai and Coloane.

“Regarding the [water demand] in Cotai city, they have a two digit growth rate, which is around 12 percent.  The result [is due to] the large entertainment facility,” she noted.

Kuan affirmed that there are still no plans to increase the region’s water tariff.  LV

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