Security firm warns businesses of counter protests

Hong Kong-based Steve Vickers & Associates (SVA) advised businesses yesterday to evaluate their risk profiles amid growing unrest in the HKSAR and the possibility of counter protests organized by pro- government forces.

In a statement the company published yesterday, the security and consulting firm recommended that companies in the neighboring region should examine several factors including the possible denial of access to its premises, business disruption and safety and security of employees.

According to SVA, the proposed extradition law will provoke protests for at least the next week until either its passage or withdrawal as the government shows no sign of abandoning the law.

“Indeed, the attempt to pass this law has injected new vigor into what was a much weakened pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong, hinting at the prospect of significant new protests in the weeks and months ahead,” the firm said in a statement.

“Should pro-government groups rally, their involvement would only heighten tensions and provoke conflicts. Serious disruption thus seems likely to continue for some time, perhaps for at least a week,” the firm noted.

It proposed that several disruptions could occur, including a series of protests.

The firm also added that any direct confrontation with the protesters of counter-demonstrations would likely result in violence, recalling the Mong Kok riots.

“There is a risk of a series of running, illegal protests, as tensions rise.  This situation could present the risk of significant violence and disruption elsewhere, as in the Mong Kok riots of 2016, but may last for a longer period and extend beyond Admiralty,” the firm added. LV

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