Shenzhen | Subway sees over 20 million QR code users

More than half of subway passengers in Shenzhen are using phones and scanning to enter the transportation system, tech firm Tencent said. The total number of QR code payment users now exceeds 20 million, according to the company. Moreover, some 54 percent of the 20 million users are under the age of 30. Code scanning has become the preferred payment method for tourists visiting the city, who account for 45 percent of the total number of users. The subway QR code is a “take-and-pay”-style mini program developed by Tencent on its WeChat platform. So far, the mini program has been activated in seven cities in the Greater Bay Area, with full coverage in the metro networks of Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Jiangmen | Customs seize 230 tonnes of frozen food

Customs in Jiangmen have busted a smuggling case, seizing about 230 tonnes of frozen food and arresting three suspects, according to the General Administration of Customs. The smuggled frozen food, including chicken feet, chicken wings and pig intestines, was found in a boat. Some of the food had decayed because it was not stored in freezers in transportation. The authorities said that the case is under further investigation. Last month customs authorities in Guangxi Province busted a frozen food and cigarette smuggling case, catching 24 suspects. The gang allegedly smuggled over 3,000 tonnes of frozen food and 2,000 packs of cigarettes, with a total worth of about 120 million yuan (USD17 million).

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