Sulu Sou debate proposal on over-tourism goes to Assembly

The Legislative Assembly (AL) admitted a proposal by the lawmaker Sulu Sou that aims to bring to the plenary a debate addressed recently by several lawmakers either in written enquiries to the government or during the period before the agenda.

Sou aims to see discussed, as a matter of public interest, the negative influences of over-tourism on the lives of residents, claiming that the lack of measures from the government on the topic is compromising the central government’s plan of creating in Macau a ‘World Center of Tourism and Leisure’.

In Sou’s opinion, the excessive number of tourists as well as the unregulated and unplanned growth of the sector is in fact contrary to the conditions needed for leisure. He reinforces this idea by arguing that such a ‘World Center’ requires a reduced number of mainland tourists when compared to those arriving from other international destinations.

The lawmaker wants to discuss a plan to “set a ceiling on the total number of tourists” that can visit Macau in order to increase the quality of the experience achieved by those that do visit, starting by fighting the so-called “zero-cost tours.”  RM

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