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On a side street just steps away from the Regency Art Hotel in Taipa, Zen by Maquette is a beautiful small cafe located among colorful buildings. Those who prefer light meals will be delighted with the fact that it serves Pita Bread filled with nutritious ingredients such as vegetables and lean meat. Common in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean areas, the bread is made of wheat flour. The flat, round shape allows for a pocket in which elements like tomatoes and beef tuck in nicely.

Pasta dishes are also must-try items on the menu. Pasta with clams in white wine and spinach pasta with pine nuts are two signatures. Diners who prefer umami flavors will marvel at the sight of a soupy, light sauce in which the clams and spaghetti are presented. Lastly, the sesame latte is a unique drink that is hard to find anywhere else. The smooth, grey liquid imparts a smoky and nutty aroma in the mouth. The texture is similar to a regular latte, but with a different taste and minus the caffeine. Irene Sam, MDT

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Cynthia Wong

Hyper-pigmentation or having unwanted dark spots on the skin is a very common issue among individuals. Due to excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes or inflammation, it is very easy to develop uneven skin tone, but fortunately, new technology available in the dermatological realm is now able to get rid of these problems without any side effects.

Recently, a pigment and rejuvenation machine named “PIQO4” has been specifically developed to target marks on skin. With high energies, it shatters darkness on skin and clears it away using four  wave actions, promoting the skin to build more collagen as the same time. After just one visit to the dermatologist, skin texture and tone is both improved.

“Picosecond is a new era of laser treatment because it is a totally different technique compared with the traditional Nanosecond laser. It has the ability to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including tattoo removal. Studies have shown the best method to break up pigment is to use both nano and picosecond laser pulses,” says certified dermatologist of Life Medical Center, Cynthia Wong.

Nano and Picosecond laser pulses shoot short bursts of energy to break large and deep pigment. Then, the doctor will rescan the treated area with Picosecond pulses, dismantling smaller and shallower particles. The combination results in better result than using one of the two on its own.

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