Taste of Edesia | Enlightening the palate

Sometimes it is boring to just eat at one restaurant for a dinner. Recently, MGM COTAI had come up with a culinary tour concept in which diners were invited to visit three restaurants and a bar for one night.
The journey started at Five Foot Road, the property’s traditional Sichuan restaurant. Guests kicked off with a tea blend to soothe the sense and prepare the palate for the appetizer, in which the marinated abalone with rich umami characteristics and fiery spices took centre stage.
Next, Cantonese restaurant Chún showcased a wok-fried Boston lobster flaunting its “wok chi” in an air-conditioned environment. Cooked in high temperature oil and stir-fired after with onion trots and aged Hua Diao wine, the lobster’s taste was sophisticatedly enhanced in a subtle manner. Moving on th Grill 58, the Snake River Farm M9 Wagyu striploin was buttery and robustly beefy. Final stop at the Bar Patuá wrapped up the sumptuous journey. The signature cocktail of the classic yet contemporary bar is packed with elements that celebrate the unique Macanese identity. Local Baijiu Macao Fachau, Porcelain Gin from Shanghai and the 10-year-old Tawny Port were chosen to form a base for the potion alongside with local health remedy “Pei Pa Koa” and an infusion mix of Sri Lankan cinnamon, Indian cardamom, cloves and peppercorns from the Straits of Malacca to pay homage to an almost-forgotten Macanese creole language.

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