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Banyan Tree Macau’s signature restaurant, Saffron, has been a hit with diners around the world since its opening. Situated on the 31st floor, Saffron boasts breath-taking panoramic views of Cotai, and an elegant, serene and spacious interior. The contemporary and trendy Southeast Asian style interior has high ceilings decorated with crystal chandeliers for a luxurious atmosphere and warm tones that make the space pleasing and welcoming for diners. Recently, to elevate the standard of Thai cuisine for guests, the hotel has appointed Chef Jan Ruangnukulkit as Executive chef. Born and raised in Thailand, Chef Jan is an award-winning culinary artist owning a talented culinary team recruited from various Michelin starred restaurants. 

The menu created by Chef Jan not only captures the essence of Thai cuisine in terms of spices, ingredients, herbs and colour schemes, but also brings out the artistic and creative essence of refined Thai gastronomy. Well versed in cooking methods of French cuisine as well as Thai cuisine, Chef Jan has worked in many well-known Michelin-starred restaurants, and even led an establishment to win The World’s 50 Best Restaurants award. Jan also spent time with a number of celebrity chefs, including three Michelin Stars chef Thomas Keller when she held a position in Le Normandie, the pinnacle of French fine dining in Thailand.

Another turning point of her career came when she joined the opening team of Nahm, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok, working under David Thompson, one of the best-regarded Australian chefs on the international fine-dining scene. She has later returned to Nahm and rose through the ranks to become the Head Chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant in 2018. During her extensive career as a chef, Jan has acquired a keen sense of taste, which is reflected in the sophisticated nuances from her dishes. 

Family remains a key influence in Chef Jan’s cooking. In Saffron latest menu, in addition to focusing on modern Thai dishes, Chef Jan also added home-cooked dishes and unique Thai creations developed by herself, wandering between tradition and innovation. On the menu, Wok-fried Assorted Mushrooms with Cha-om Thai Acacia is a tasty classic that is simple to prepare, but challenges the chef’s cooking skills. The recipe comes from Chef Jan’s

mother. This delicious stir-fry dish carefully preserves the freshness of the ingredients and offers smokiness from Cha-om Thai acacia. 

The very popular Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad features a generous selection of mouth-watering Wagyu beef slices, in a glorious marriage with fresh Thai fruits, the finest local vegetables and fresh Vietnamese mint leaves. This spicy and tempting salad is a top choice for those eager to enjoy a healthy and nutritious dish.Guided by Chef Jan’s vision, the team at Saffron invites guests into an authentic modern Thai cuisine experience marked by rich and exciting Thai flavors.

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