Taxi fares may hike 10% during the CNY

Macau may see a taxi fare hike of 10% just before the Chinese New Year (CNY), as the Macau Taxi Driver Mutual Association has long-called for fare surcharges. The hike is due to be implemented ahead of Spring Festival.

Previously, the Macau Taxi Driver Mutual Association lobbied the Transport Bureau (DSAT) for an 18% fare hike, citing rising operating expenses, taxi rental prices and fuel prices.

However, such calls were denied by government, as there was no room for an increase due to Macau’s economic downturn suffered during the pandemic.

When the city’s economic rebound commenced, the taxi association announced that Macau’s taxi drivers would lobby the government for an increase ahead of Chinese New Year. The association has reiterated that it has received opinions and requests from “many colleagues” on the call for an increase.

Tony Kuok of the association said that the surcharge for the Lunar New Year is to compensate drivers who have to work holidays, even if they want to stay with their families. He argued that taxi fares have not increased in six years. The sector attempted a similar adjustment to fares in 2019; however, the government did not implement the increase due to the pandemic.

Kuok told TDM the industry has recently met with the DSAT.

Responding to the call, DSAT noted that it would study the fare adjustment of 10%, which it recognizes is lower than the proposed 18% fare hike. The previous hike was deemed too impactful, and public objection had been feared.

Kuok and his association acquiesced, worried that if they did not then the re-application process might take more time. 

The current plan still needs to be discussed by the advisory committee.

Of a taxi fare, the first 1,600 meters will increase from the current rate of MOP19 to MO21; the meter’s tick will reduce from every 240 meters to every 220 meters, and the waiting time for passengers to stop will be reduced from 60 seconds to 55 seconds.

In addition, the surcharge applied to fares beginning from the Macau International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, University of Macau, Pac On Immigration Building taxi stands and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Artificial Island Port has been increased from MOP5 to MOP8.

It is believed that the changes are likely to come into effect on Feb. 12 or 13.

The city has been facing a taxi shortage following the reopening of the border, making it difficult for residents and tourists to hire one, particularly during peak hours.

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