TDM to broadcast evacuation notices in storm surges

The government has made an agreement with public broadcaster TDM to make storm surge evacuation announcements to affected populations. The service became available as of yesterday but will only be operational during typhoon days.

When the civil protection structure receives forecasts of high tides or storm surges during a typhoon period and deems evacuation necessary, the government broadcaster will air a template image in three languages to notify the population.

Verbal announcements will be made in Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and English.

Currently, the civil protection structure mainly relies on alert speakers to notify people of storm surges. A total of 90 speakers have been installed across the city.

Four of these speakers, located at the three highest natural points of the city, can emit high frequency alerts. The civil protection structure will install four more of these speakers in future.

Power supplier CEM has announced that it will suspend electricity supply to protect both people and equipment when water levels reach a certain height. AL

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