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Teppanyaki Escapades – Hokkaido

What better way to indulge than with scrumptious king crab, and an abundance of seafood from the cold waters of the treasured island in a theatrically grilling way? Teppanyaki Escapades continues at Grill 58 with a seasonal menu featuring the finest ingredients from around the globe. 

Embark on the Teppanyaki Escapades for a night of luxuriant flavor and aesthetic gastronomic experience. The teppanyaki dining experience at Grill 58 is truly a unique one. It is more than culinary art, it is a performative art. Our experienced teppan chefs delight gourmet guests with their professional culinary and artistic skills. It is a real theater where the dining experience is elevated to the next level. 

This two-days only menu offers prosperous offerings from Hokkaido, the second-largest island in Japan. This is one of the most well-known places for its high-quality seafood and fresh ingredients. Our chefs also let the top-notch ingredients shine for themselves. The teppanyaki menu serves premium ocean catches such as Hokkaido Scallop, Teppanyaki Tarabagani, Steamed Hokkaido Kegani, and Shirako. While crab is one of the seafood items that Hokkaido is famous for, Full-Blood Japanese Wagyu Beef is also one of the extravagant teppanyaki dishes that guest crave. Take your dining experience to the fullest with Hokkaido’s most famous fruit – Yubari King melon, a fruit that grows exclusively in Yubari.

Relish Japan’s fresh ocean harvest on Oct 14 & 15 at $2,388* per person. Reserve your seats in front of the station to savor Hokkaido’s finest treasures along with a side of visual entertainment. Limited seats per night. Reserve now, please call (853) 8806 2318 or email

*Price in MOP and subject to 10% service charge


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