Thousands of flats and hotel rooms under construction



A total of 92 residential buildings and 18 hotel projects were under construction in the past quarter, expected to deliver more than 13,100 new flats and 9,800 hotel rooms. 221 residential projects and 25 hotel projects were planned in the same period, which aim to provide over 23,500 housing units and 15,700 guest rooms.
According to the latest statistics released by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT), the number of hotel rooms under construction in the first quarter surged by 65 percent year-on-year, whilst their total construction area rose by 42 percent to stand at 9.41 million square meters.
Over a thousand hotel rooms under construction belong to ten hotel projects being built in the Macau peninsula, whereas another thousand belong to two projects in Taipa; over 7,500 rooms belong to five projects in Cotai, while some 200 rooms are in a hotel in Coloane. In addition, these hotel projects are building 9,800 parking spaces.
Besides those under construction, 25 new hotel projects were planned in the first quarter, with an approximately equivalent construction area. Eighteen of these projects in the peninsula were intended to build 3,100 rooms, while five projects in Cotai were planned with nearly 12,000 rooms; one project was designed  with 120 rooms in Taipa and another was planned with some 450 rooms in Coloane. These new plans also intend to provide a total of over 8,500 parking spaces.
As for the 92 residential building projects underway, 78 of them are located in the Macau peninsula with over 10,300 housing units, whereas 6 are in Taipa and 8 in Coloane, totaling 1,500 and 13,00 units respectively. These projects will also provide some 14,000 parking spaces.
Moreover, 16 residential projects completed construction in the past quarter and entered acceptance procedures, whilst another 9 projects were issued occupancy permits. The newly constructed buildings will deliver a total of 1,670 housing units and 1,240 parking spaces.
The first quarter also recorded 221 new plans for residential projects, intended to house over 23,500 new flats and 27,800 parking spaces. BY

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