Trade Union Law: No room to promote major changes at AL Committee

Chan Chak Mo

There is little room to promote major changes to the Union Trade bill, the committee chairman, lawmaker Chan Chak Mo, said yesterday in a press briefing after the committee meeting.

The bill has been approved in its first reading and is now being debated in detail at the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL).

Chan’s comments were based on information provided by government representatives, noting that the committee discussion mostly concerns the bill’s technical details.

The committee chairman also told the media that the government will submit a revised bill at the next meeting, but the updates are small adjustments rather than major policy changes.

Committee members want to see clarification on Union leaders’ absence from work due to their union duties, among other topics.

Chan also clarified that the list of members who are part of a certain Union – which needs to be submitted to the Labour Affairs Bureau every year until April – refers only to the Union’s current number of members and does not include their personal details. He noted the new version of the bill will include this clarification.

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