Tree burial service launched

The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) will roll out a free eco-burial service called “tree burial” from September 1, according to a press release. IACM is developing a park inside a municipal cemetery in Taipa that will offer 440 free tree burial services to local residents in the first lot.
As a new type of green burial, tree burial, initiated by the bureau, refers to the burying of ashes under a tree after cremation. The idea is that this process returns the dead to nature in a more environmentally friendly way than other types of burial, Liang Guanfeng, an official from the local civil affairs department told Xinhua by telephone.
Macau, one of the world’s most densely populated regions, is tight for space with an increasing population, said Liang. He added that the tree burial service is a key innovation driving Macau’s burial reform, as the government tries to solve the problem of the region’s increasingly scarce land resources.
According to Liang, 70 percent of local residents choose cremation, as opposed to tomb burial where the price of private graveyards ranges from 40,000 to millions of patacas, depending on the area. People are interested in the green funerals, and dozens of citizens have registered in advance for tree burials for their late relatives.
The IACM expects that tree burials will provide an    effective means for ensuring the protection of the environment and land resources. MDT/Xinhua

Stamps marking V-Day 70th anniversary issued

Macau will issue commemorative stamps marking the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s resistance against Japanese aggression today, Macau Post said at press briefing yesterday.
A set of stamps consists of two stamps with a face value of MOP2 and MOP5.50, which vividly showcase the heroic acts of the Chinese people involved in the resistance against the Japanese invaders.
One stamp is named the “July 7th Incident” and depicts a Chinese solider holding and aiming his rifle ahead of him, with a background of the famous Marco Polo Bridge. The other is called “National-wide War of Resistance” — using the Great Wall as a backdrop, the stamp shows a scene of Chinese people fighting against their enemies.
About 4000 copies of first-day covers and 3000 copies of an information brochure will be published, along with 500,000 sets of stamps, commencing today, the head of Macau Post told the press. MDT/Agencies

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