Triad boss arrested in Cambodia, reports HK media


Local businessman and alleged head of the triad organization known as “Water Room,” Lai Tong Sang, has been reportedly arrested by Cambodian law-enforcement agencies, according to Hong Kong news outlet Apple Daily. He will be handed over to Chinese authorities within days, according to the Apple Daily report.
The Hong Kong news outlet cited anonymous sources for verification of the information.
According to the report, Lai was thought to be connected to a case involving Zhuhai businessman Liang Jiarong.
Dubbed the richest man in Zhuhai, Liang is the founder of a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shirong Zhaoye Company Limited. He is 58 years old and has held the position of chairman of the company since August 1998.
Reports by mainland news outlets disclosed that Zhuhai’s police authorities have announced the arrest of Liang in relation to several allegations, including picking fights and provoking trouble, purposefully causing injuries to others, illegal mining, and so on.
The Zhuhai authorities have even promised a reward of 500,000 Chinese yuan to anyone who can provide evidence against Liang.
The Hong Kong news outlet claimed that Liang earned his first investment capital in Macau casinos, before returning to Zhuhai during the 1990s to make further investments in land. He achieved the title of Zhuhai’s wealthiest person in 2009.
According to some reports, Lai immigrated to Canada in 1996. It is unclear why he was in Cambodia, as per the recent media report.

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