TSI reduces sentences of Li Canfeng and other businessmen

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has reduced the sentences of those convicted in the public works case involving former directors and several businessmen.

In March, the Court of First Instance (TJB) delivered its decision on the ‘Land, Public Works, and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) Case,’ convicting 18 of 21 defendants of several crimes related to corruption, money laundering and involvement in a secret society.

As cited in a TDM report, former DSSOPT director Li Canfeng’s sentence was reduced from 24 years to 17 years, while businessman Sio Tak Hong’s sentence was reduced from 24 years to 12 years.

Li was found guilty of participating in a secret society, as well as 12 counts of passive corruption for an unlawful act; 10 counts of aggravated money laundering; one count of document forgery; and four counts related to providing inaccurate information on his Declaration of Assets and Interests.

Under the Macau Organized Crime Law, a secret society is an organization established to obtain illicit advantages or benefits and whose existence is demonstrated by an agreement to commit several criminal offences.

Sio, meanwhile, was also found guilty of two counts of active corruption; eight counts of aggravated money laundering, and four counts of document forgery, in addition to his participation in the secret society.

Other businessmen involved in the case included billionaire property developers Kuan Vai Lam and Ng Lap Seng who were initially sentenced to 18 and 15 years of imprisonment, respectively, for different counts of similar crimes.

Their sentences were also reduced to five years and six months, and four years and six months respectively.

Other suspects involved in the case also saw their sentences reduced, including another property developer Si Tit Sang who saw a reduction from 20 years to eight years.

These businessmen were found to have played roles in the case by offering bribes such as cash and luxury flats, the court ruled.

Meanwhile, the other former DSSOPT director, Jaime Carion, had his sentence of 20 years of imprisonment upheld.

Carion has not yet filed an appeal, according to the report.

He was sentenced to one count of participating in a secret society to commit the crimes, as well as five counts of passive corruption for an unlawful act; and six counts aggravated money laundering. Staff Reporter

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