Former Chinese justice minister jailed for corruption

A former Chinese justice minister was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve on charges of taking bribes and helping criminals including his brother hide illegal activity,

Alvin Chau sees first hearing with gov’t seeking HKD8.3b in damages

The case concerning former junket and entertainment mogul, Alvin Chau, and 20 other defendants had its first court hearing last Friday, with the government seeking nearly

China jails Canadian tycoon for 13 years for finance crimes

A Chinese-born Canadian tycoon who disappeared from Hong Kong in 2017 was sentenced last week to 13 years in prison for a multibillion-dollar string of financial offenses

Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu faces rape charge

Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu has faced rape and other criminal charges at a closed trial in Beijing as China was in uproar over a

Court: Jackson Chang convicted of leaking information, but not bribery

The former president of the Macau Investment Trade Promotion Institute (IPIM) has not been convicted of bribery but was found guilty of leaking confidential information to third parties. The court

Top court upholds police ban of June 4 vigil this year

The Court of Final Appeal (TUI) has ruled that a decision by the police to ban this year’s June 4 vigil due to the government’s Covid-19 prevention measures will be

COURTS | Jacobs authorized to use secret investigation report

Sands China Ltd.’s secret investigation of Macau government officials, allegedly ordered by its Chairman Sheldon Adelson, is fair game in the feud between the billionaire and the casino operator’s former

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