Two arrested for salary fraud

Two women have been arrested for fraud after they were discovered keeping two non-local workers’ salaries (estimated at MOP220,000). The two women are sisters, both surnamed Wu. One is 61 years old (Macau resident) and the other is 57 years old (Hong Kong resident). The police found more than 300 bank books, 24 bank cards and 24 agreements in the women’s apartments. The suspects’ company employs more than 100 non-local workers in construction projects. The Judiciary Police did not rule out the possibility of more victims.

Gov’t insists on not having cameras inside taxis

The government has insisted that cameras not be installed inside taxis, according to the Third Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly. Chairman of the Committee Wong Hin Fai noted that more than half of the committee’s members hoped the government would reconsider the proposal. Lawmakers proposed the installation of cameras in the back of taxis at an 8 o’clock position, which would not be allowed to record either the driver’s or the passengers’ faces. However, the government did not provide a reply to the lawmakers.

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