Two mainlanders caught for multiple phone thefts

Members of the public should always take care of their own belongings, advised the police during the daily press conference yesterday. In the latest theft case to be reported, two middle-aged mainland men surnamed Gao and Yang were caught by the police for stealing.

On January 17, police officers were conducting a regular anti-crime operation at a Cotai shopping mall when they spotted the duo trying to steal things from people in front of them using a coat with long sleeves as camouflage.

The police officers followed them, although they did not successfully steal anything for the rest of the day until 8 p.m. when Yang was caught removing a pack of stolen goods from the roadside bushes and transferring them to Gao.

While the police were trying to intercept them, the two suspects started running. Later, the police caught them and found that the package contained three cellphones, in addition to one in the backpack of one of the suspects.

The suspects could not provide a credible explanation about the origin of the cellphones, which were turned off and contained no SIM cards. The suspects also refused to confess to anything.

Referencing its records, the police managed to find an entry related to one of the phones. The phone owner was contacted and ownership of the phone was confirmed. The victim told the police that the phone went missing at about 2:30 p.m. that day.

Both suspects were sent to the Public Prosecutions Office last Saturday. AL

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