Weather Bureau on brink of hoisting No.8

Typhoon Signal No.3 was still hoisted as of last night for the third consecutive day, as tropical storm Bebinca loomed about 180 kilometers south of Macau.

The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) warned that the signal would likely remain in effect into today, with the possibility of it being imminently raised to No. 8.

As usual with such signals, the SMG warned drivers to be attentive to traffic safety and strong winds over the bridges, adding that motorcyclists should travel between the peninsula and Taipa via the motorcycle lane of Sai Van Bridge.

It also urged the public to take precautions as there will be flooding in the Inner Harbor area today from morning to noon due to high tide.

As of last night, Bebinca was about 180 kilometers from Macau, with a maximum sustained wind speed of 75km per hour near its center.

The tropical storm has followed an unpredictable trajectory taking it briefly across the most eastern point of Hainan Island, into southern Guangdong, and then back in the South China Sea.

According to weather forecasting app, Bebinca will be at its closest to Macau late-morning today, however strong winds might prevail for the best part of the day and into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

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