Woman found dead in Cotai resort, PJ suspects murder

A 50-year-old female resident from the mainland has been found dead in a hotel room of an integrated resort in Cotai on Friday afternoon, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported.
The alert was given by the hotel staff who called the emergency line.
After a preliminary investigation, the PJ found that the deceased woman had unusual scars on her head and neck, prompting further investigation on the case and ruling it as a possible homicide.
According to information collected during the preliminary investigation, it is suspected that the woman may be related to the illegal activity of currency exchange in the casinos.
According to information collected by several media sources, the room where the alleged crime occurred was located on the 31st floor of the integrated resort, as the floor was sealed during the time that PJ inspectors were collecting evidence.
The incident has been classified as a homicide for now until the exact cause of death is determined by a forensic examination.
The PJ is still investigating the case to try to identify the possible suspect or suspects of the crime. RM

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