Zheng Anting declines to draw links with own association in CCAC report

Lawmaker Zheng Anting has expressed his respect for a recent report from the corruption watchdog, but refrained from confirming a link between the accusations and his association.

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) recently issued a report that confirmed there was misconduct during last year’s parliamentary election campaign period. The CCAC report focused on catering events, gifting drives and “lucky money” distributions.

In the report, the graft watchdog pointed to a communal society which hosted several events that involved the distribution of gifts to its members. However, it was not declared to the Electoral Affairs Commission that an honorary president of the society was a candidate in the election.

Coincidentally, the Jiangmen Communal Society held a series of events last year that involved the distribution of gifts, such as mooncakes, portable fans, umbrellas and masks, to participants.

The parties involved had been prosecuted and fined, according to the CCAC report.

Zheng Anting, lawmaker and head of the Jiangmen Communal Society, told local media outlet All About Macau that he respected the CCAC report, but declined to confirm whether his organization was the one involved.

According to the news report, he said he could not verify the claim that his organization had been involved in the misconduct mentioned. “I suggest you ask the CCAC for verification,” the lawmaker said.

When questioned again as to whether his organization was involved, the lawmaker said he would not comment on the matter and that he had no additional information. He then suggested the journalist verify the information before asking for his confirmation, not acknowledging that the journalist was trying to verify the information by asking him the question.

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