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Zone A and Peninsula flyover construction finishes October

The construction of the flyover (A2) between Zone A of the new landfills and the Peninsula is set to conclude in October this year, Wong Kuok Heng, Chief of the Division of Construction and Infrastructure of the Public Works Bureau (DSOP), said yesterday during a press conference organized by the Transport Bureau (DSAT), which announced several roadworks scheduled to take place over the summer holiday period.

Wong noted that this new road link between Zone A and the Peninsula is expected to be fully completed by October and that, as of now, one of the metal scaffold structures has already been removed, with a second expected to be removed by August.

When it begins operation, the new flyover will provide an alternative link between the two banks, as well as facilitate improved traffic flow. Presently, all traffic flows through the Amizade roundabout connections.

Besides being a road link, this flyover also includes a pedestrian sidewalk that will allow people to cross between the two banks on foot, linking it on the Peninsula side to the pre-existing pedestrian flyover over the Rua dos Pescadores, which connects to the reservoir area.

The road flyover has a total length (including the access roads) of 500 meters with two traffic lanes (one in each direction). The pedestrian flyover has a total length of 300 meters and a walkway five meters wide.

The contract was attributed, after public tender, to the Companhia de Construção Cheong Kong Limitada for the price of MOP213.74 million and a maximum construction time of 570 working days.

Phase two of Inner Harbour flood prevention starts

After the conclusion of the first phase of the Inner Harbour flood prevention works, which includes a pumping station as well as the installation of box culverts, the second and third phases of the project are moving forward immediately, explained the Chief of the Division of Construction and Infrastructure of DSOP, Wong Kuok Heng.

According to the official, some of the area that was occupied during the first phase of construction will, from July 14, be reopened to the public – but the works will not stop.

The second phase is already moving forward, majorly affecting the Rua do Almirante Sergio and the Rua do Dr. Lourenço Pereira Marques.

Wong noted that the third and final phase of this project should conclude in June 2025.

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