Correctional Service Bureau director to leave post

Lee Kam Cheong, director of the Correctional Services Bureau, will step down from his position on July 31, the Office of the Secretary for Security announced in a statement yesterday. Lee began working for the public service in 1995, and has been the director of Macao Prison since January of 2000. He was appointed as director of the Correctional Services Bureau on January 1 of this year, when the department was established. After leaving, Lee will continue to work in the correctional services department. His post will be temporarily occupied by the Deputy Director of the department, Loi Kam Wan.

Survey on public service satisfaction ongoing

The University of Macau yesterday started conducting a survey on the quality of the Macau government’s public service, according to a statement released by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP). The survey will collect feedback from Macau residents about their opinions on the topic, as well as asking for the reasons for these evaluations. Every day from yesterday until September 6, interviewers carrying a valid working certification will visit homes to conduct the research with a questionnaire; 3,000 homes will be visited in total. The government will use the information collected when establishing future policies.

Animal protection law to take effect in September

The city’s first animal protection law was published this week at the Official Gazette. The law will come into force on September 1. Animal cruelty, animal abandonment, in addition to other animal-related offences, are listed as prohibited. The law also regulates issues concerning animal management, such as vaccinations.  Matters pertaining to animal licensing are also detailed in the articles, including licenses for racing animals. According to the law, any parties who have the intention to cause animals pain, make them lose important organs, or even to cause their death will be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or fined.

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