Three arrested in Macau’s 3rd greatest drug bust

cThe Judiciary Police (PJ) raided a drug trafficking syndicate and arrested three foreign suspects in what they are describing as the third largest drug trafficking case since the handover in 1999. A total of six kilograms of cocaine was appropriated with an estimated street value of MOP18 million.
The PJ held a press conference yesterday and revealed details about the case. Authorities received information that three foreigners were allegedly transferring drugs to overseas countries through their operations in Macau. They launched an investigation that led them to the seizure of six kilograms of cocaine and to the arrests of three foreign suspects: a Gambian, a Malaysian and a Nigerian.
The police first arrested the Nigerian man as he was about to depart Macau via the Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, while the other two suspects were arrested inside the Nigerian’s hotel room in the San Ma Lo area.
“The suspects managed to bring the drugs here,” said PJ spokesperson Chan Cho Man, “they concealed it and passed it to the Malaysian suspect. He brought the bag of drugs here through Thailand [and] we suspect that he planned to bring it to other neighboring regions.”
The PJ raid yesterday is the third biggest drug bust since the handover. In December the PJ seized 9.3kg of cocaine in the second largest haul after they arrested three foreign suspects in a guesthouse on the Praça Ponte e Horta.
The value of the haul was estimated at HKD25 million on the black market. In this earlier case the suspects had brought the narcotics into the territory wrapped in bed sheets. DB

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