200 non-local workers on strike over mainland quarantine fees

Workers seen striking a protest

Over 200 non-resident workers rallied from Cotai to a park nearby the Liaison Office, urging their employers to shoulder the quarantine fee they would have to undertake in Zhuhai.

In a video accessed by the Times, the construction workers could be seen crossing the bridge from Taipa to Macau on foot as their form of protest. 

In a statement issued by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), the office said that according to the foreign employment law, the quarantine fee is not a legal obligation of the employer.

DSAL personnel were deployed to the site. 

“The authorities call on relevant employees to express their demands rationally, and in response to the pandemic, they should avoid gatherings to prevent the spread of the infection,” DSAL said in a statement.

It added that the bureau will follow up with both the employers and the employees. 

Due to the outbreak in the city, individuals entering Zhuhai from Macau since June 15 shall report to their communities, employers or hotels of accommodation immediately, undergo a seven-day home quarantine (outdoor activities not allowed) and another seven-day home health monitoring (staying at home is strongly advised). LV

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