Colombia tries quashing tensions at migrant camp with football

Colombian officials are hoping to quash tensions at a Venezuelan migrant camp with a game both the new arrivals and their hosts share a passion for: soccer.

World Briefs

CHINA Five were killed and 18 injured when a car rammed into a group of children crossing a road after leaving their school in northeast China’s Liaoning

Bizcuits | Black Friday Spoils and Devastation

It was severely hot and dry that summer in Victoria. The drought had lasted several years, creeks and riverbeds were dry, and Melbournians were on water rations. Bush

Friday, November 23, 2018 – edition no. 3177

* Kris Kaminsky | New phase of Four Seasons targets to be city’s ‘premier product’ * Chan reviews 2018 in 2019 address * ‘Latin Parade’ with more participants * Rising US, China rivalry

Roma, Mexico City

  * Books: A Guide for the Globally Curious * Music: Beyond the End by Ed Harcourt * Wine: The Spanish Spirit II * News of the world: 6,000 children left in Liberia * Food:

Cuaron crafts a neorealist masterpiece in ‘Roma’

The phrase “world creation” gets thrown around casually and frequently in cinema, but few modern directors are better at fashioning a totally transportive experience than director Alfonso Cuaron. He

‘Frugal Traveler’ is disjointed book

Love travel? Love books? Love books about travel? If the preceding statements are true, do pick up a copy of “Rediscovering Travel: A Guide for the Globally

Ed Harcourt shuns lyrics, emanates calm on new album

One of the recurring themes in Ed Harcourt’s career has been his stylistic breadth, his affinity for stretching wide the musical variety on his albums within the singer-songwriter

News of the World | Peacekeepers left more than 6,000 children in Liberia

The only memento Moses Z. Kaine has from his father is a T-shirt, left more than two decades ago when the peacekeeper’s tour of duty finished and he returned

The Spanish Spirit II

(Continued from “The Spanish Spirit” on 16 November 2018) In the world of wine, both maturation in barrel and ageing in bottle are conducive to improving quality

Food & Beverage | Zi Yatheen Features a merge of Cantonese and Italian dishes at Four Seasons

If two hands are good, then four hands are great. Michelin-starred Chef Charles Cheung of Four Seasons Macao’s Zi Yat Heen recently collaborated with Chef

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