Photography | Exhibition showcases conditions of Vietnamese refugees in the ‘80s

A photo exhibition titled “Vietnamese Boat People in Macao - Photography by Chan Weng Hon” is showcasing 42 photos revealing the circumstances of Vietnamese boat people in

Crime | ‘Fortune tellers’ family accused of scam

Three family members, a father and two brothers, have been caught by the police and accused of practicing a “fortune telling” scam, the Public Security Police Force

Weather Bureau may raise typhoon warning

The Macau Meteorological and Weather Bureau (SMG) plans to issue a typhoon warning this morning in anticipation of Typhoon Yutu, which battered the northern Philippines yesterday.

Briefs | Restaurant blast injures four

A blast at a restaurant has injured four, three of whom sustained severe injuries. The restaurant is located in the Inner Habor area, at the R. do Dr.

Analysis | RMB weakness threatens to hurt Macau economy

The weakness of China’s yuan, which yesterday touched its lowest level in a decade, has the potential to hurt Macau’s economy just as gaming revenues are

Advertorial – MGM Lion Dance Championship | Macau International Invitational 2018

The 7th MGM Lion Dance Championship is being held this year. Co-hosted by the Wushu General Association of Macau, and supported by Macao Government Tourism Office, Education

Chen Lai to host the ‘Lecture by Master of Culture’ on Sunday

Philosopher Chen Lai has been invited to be the speaker at the “Lectures by Masters of Culture” organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC). This

Fewer graduates working in Chinese medicine industry

Less than 30 percent of the graduates who majored in Chinese medicine are entering the Chinese medicine industry after leaving school, according to the Macao Traditional

Lawrence Ho family office launches first MOP bond

The family office of Lawrence Ho, Black Spade Capital Limited (Black Spade Capital), has officially announced the MOP bond world debut of its new initiative

Gaming | SJM records 65 percent increase in net profit

SJM Holdings yesterday released its unaudited financial statement for the third quarter of 2018, showing that net profit attributable to the owners of the company increased by

Corporate bits | BNU opens branch at University of Macau

BNU yesterday held the opening ceremony of its new branch at the University of Macau (UM), the bank announced in a press release. BNU has been

China is buying distressed private companies as markets sink

It’s never been easy to figure out where China’s government ends and the private sector begins, but the dividing line is getting increasingly blurry as

Ex-Audi CEO Stadler freed from jail in Diesel emissions case

German judges allowed former Audi Chief Executive Officer Rupert Stadler to leave the jail where he’s been since June, while warning that there’s still strong evidence

Pizza Hut will enlist robots in quest to slice delivery times

Pizza Hut is fusing two of America’s favorite pastimes - pizza pies and pickup trucks - in a bid to cut delivery times as fast-food competition heats

Beijing reverses ban on trade in tiger, rhino products

China says it will allow trading in products made from endangered tigers and rhinos under “special circumstances,” reversing a previous ban and bringing condemnation from conservation groups.

China, Japan, S. Korea warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada

Marijuana may be legal now in Canada but at least three Asian governments are warning their citizens to avoid it, including the specter of possible arrest

US limits tech exports to Chinese firm on security grounds

The Trump administration has imposed restrictions on technology exports to a state-supported Chinese semiconductor maker, citing national security grounds amid a mounting tariff battle. The controls

Qiu Shuiping | New Peking University leader former state security official

The official picked to lead one of China’s top universities is a former head of the national spy agency’s Beijing branch, underscoring a drive to tighten Communist

Shandong | Last of 21 dead recovered from coal mine collapse

Searchers have recovered the bodies of all 21 miners who died in an eastern China coal mine collapse, state media said. The official Xinhua News Agency

Australia | Spy chief wanted ban on China telecoms from 5G

Australia’s critical infrastructure including electricity grids, water supplies and hospitals could not have been adequately safeguarded if Chinese-owned telecommunications giants Huawei and ZTE Corp. were allowed to

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