Worker crushed to death in industrial accident

The Judiciary Police (PJ) is investigating an industrial accident on the construction site of the future vehicle examination centre in Taipa. A metal hook is alleged to have fallen onto a mainland worker and killed him. Preliminary information from the authorities indicated that the incident took place yesterday morning. It is alleged that the steel wire that tied a metal hook to the crane suddenly broke and the hook crushed the victim. He was sent to the Conde de São Januário Central Hospital but was later pronounced dead. The site was sealed after the accident, and the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) has also dispatched officials to the scene.
The bureau released a statement in the evening saying that the authorities had required the contractor to stop using all types of crane machines for safety concerns and to review the working procedures and facilities of the construction site.
“If the accident is proved to have been caused by negligence of the contractor after investigation, the Bureau will prosecute it according to the law,” DSAL declares in the statement.
At the end of the statement, the authorities appealed to contractors and staff to ensure their machines are in a safe condition. They stressed that contractors and safety staff ought to provide corresponding supervision and guidance, and that staff should follow the instructions and procedures when operating the machines.    GY

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