Arts | 3rd Printmaking Triennial  shows 175 finalist pieces

The 3rd Macao Printmaking Triennial, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), is showcasing 175 winning and finalist works at different art venues, offering an international exchange in the world of printmaking art.

The opening and award ceremony of the event will be held on January 4 at 6:30 p.m., at the Macau Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No.1. The exhibition is running from December 28 to March 17, including on public holidays.

The works on display cover a wide range of themes, according to the IC, contrasting the different visions and perspectives of artists from different cultural backgrounds. Seeking innovation while adhering to artistic traditions, these works not only reflect the artists’ in-depth study of techniques, but also combine innovative plate-
making, media, printing and integrated techniques.

The IC wrote in a statement that this edition of the triennial has received an enthusiastic response, attracting over 1,000 entries from 39 countries and regions, including in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

After an assessement by the adjudicating panel, a total of 175 winning and finalist works were selected, including “Windows encounter” and “Skyline by Fifth Floor (I)” by Macau artists Wong Wai I and Loi Chi Fong, respectively.

In addition to the Triennial, the IC will hold a thematic seminar on January 5 at the Macau Contemporary Art Centre, conducted by the associate professor of the School of Arts of the Macau Polytechnic Institute, Sou Pui Kun and the vice director of the Printmaking Art Committee of China Artists Association and professor of the China Academy of Art, Zhang Minjie, who will talk about the art of printmaking.

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