Associations urge hotel sector to provide lower room prices for employees

The Association of Macao Tourist Agents (AMTA) has expressed hope that the hotel sector will provide accommodation support to employees amid the implementation of pandemic prevention policies. 

The AMTA and The Association of Capital Employment Agencies of China (Macau) have jointly negotiated to mobilize the support of hotels in Macau to provide hotel rooms at lower prices to local and non-local employees, providing urgent accommodation support.

The AMTA expects that the industries will jointly undertake their social responsibilities, face their difficulties together, and meet the accommodation needs of non-local employees during the implementation of the pandemic prevention policies.

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) stated that most of the employees are still sticking to their work duties under the pandemic prevention policies, especially in industries involving people’s livelihood, such as supermarkets, retail department stores, food supply and others, whether they are local or non-local employees. According to them, they are attempting to provide essential support to the best of their ability to ensure the supply of daily necessities for Macau residents.

Meanwhile, the DSAL reiterated that residents should avoid or reduce non-essential crowd gathering activities as much as possible to reduce the chance of disease transmission.

In order to reduce the unnecessary gathering of people and the risk of viral transmission, the SAR
government has announced that the public sectors will be closed from June 22 to 24, except for those providing emergency and essential services. The public servants who have been exempted from work or provide services due to department closures to fulfill their obligations, should stay at home. Staff Reporter

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