Briefs | AL to finalize casino ban bill today

The Legislative Assembly (AL) of Macau is today expected to finalize the government-backed bill that seeks to bar employees of the gaming industry from entering casino floors while off duty. The rules will cover a total of around 54,000 Macau casino employees, including 8,000 junket operator staff members, as well as cleaning, surveillance and food and beverage employees. According to the proposed law, these workers will only be permitted to gamble in Macau casinos on the first three days of the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday period. The bill has found considerable support from legislators in the past as well as local workers’ associations.

Special subsidy to rise starting from January

The Special Subsidy (Special Assistance for Vulnerable Families) will be officially increased starting from January 1, according to a dispatch published in the official gazette. The subsidy will increase from the current MOP200, MOP400, and MOP600 for kindergarten students or pupils, secondary school students, and tertiary school students, respectively, to MOP300, MOP500, and MOP750. For residents who live alone in Macau or for those who have relatives in Macau, the nursery subsidy will go up to MOP1,200 and MOP1,000, respectively, from the current MOP1,000 and MOP800. Subsidies for people with disabilities who live alone and those who have relatives in Macau will also increase to MOP1,000 and MOP750 respectively.

Association urges child sexual assault to become public crime

The General Association of Chinese Students of Macao has urged the government to classify as a public crime the sexual assault of a child aged below 16 years old. The association believes that the recent frequently reported sexual assault cases against children indicate the need for enhanced punishment and prevention towards such crime. The current law requires the parents of the victims to report sexual assault cases on behalf of their children. However, the association believes that due to the traditional Chinese mindset, which rules that “family shame should not be spread abroad,” parents would likely choose to solve matters privately.

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