Caring for the community: Melco promotes local talent development and volunteerism through ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’

Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s fundamental philosophy of giving back to the community it serves is realized through the promotion and implementation of its dynamic and innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. Through ongoing and diversified CSR projects with the help of trusted local charity and association partners, Melco is committed to impacting positive change for the community and contributing to Macau’s better and brighter future.

Talent Development
Melco is showing no signs of letting the recent economic slowdown impact its commitment towards nurturing local talent – believing diversified development opportunities for local talent as the way forward for Macau’s sustainable development.
Melco management team members recently volunteered career advice for local students and the broader community through virtual and in-person sharing sessions as part of its ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’ philosophy. Eight experienced Melco “hoteliers” collaborated with the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) to host virtual training sessions for students, sharing their experiences in areas such as Club Management, Events, Finance, Human Resources Training & Development and Service Operations.
One of Melco’s guest lecturers, Ms. Macy Lam, Vice President & General Manager, Hotel Operations said, “I am glad to share my experiences and knowledge in crisis management with the students. The ‘new normal’ under the COVID-19 pandemic requires a different approach in managing situations to accommodate guests’ needs. The current situation gives rise to opportunities for improvement, and we hope these lectures help young people understand more about the hotel industry, to achieve their full potential and enrich their lives as part of Melco’s commitment to local people and talent development”.
Additional sessions focusing on Front Office Operations, Customer Relations and Luxury Services were organized for the broader community. One participant said she never had never explored career opportunities in the hospitality industry, and that she felt rewarded after gaining real-life insight and tips on what makes great customer service from the lecture.

Simple Acts of Kindness
Melco’s ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’ philosophy is based on the principle that little things have a big impact, and each person can do something to touch people’s hearts.

Since launching in May, ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’ has seen:
Up to 17 volunteering activities per day
Up to 150 volunteers deployed daily
~500 activities
Participation from ~6,000 volunteers
100+ NGOs and SMEs served

To further extend the philosophy into the local community, Melco volunteers joined hands with other voluntary workers from The Macao Association of Loving Care, Macao Gaming Practitioners Volunteers Association and Gaming Employees Home to implement the ‘Elderly Home Support Program’ – devoting their efforts to the needs of elderlies living alone or those with financial difficulties by providing assistance on electrical inspections and installation replacements, home refurbishments, cleaning projects and home visits. Hosted in collaboration with the Macao Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM), the Program aims to improve living standards for the many elderly persons living on their own to reduce risk of household accidents and to spread the spirit of ‘mutual community friendship’ within the community.

‘Melco & Colleagues Giving Stores’ latest updates
In partnership with FAOM and the Fu Hong Society of Macau, ‘Melco & Colleagues Giving Store’ opened in June to support Macau’s community in need. The Stores enable beneficiaries access to a broad range of complimentary donated goods from Melco & Colleagues which are in new or almost new condition, whilst larger items such as household furniture are available at a fraction of their retail price, with proceeds going to charity to benefit the community.
To date, the ‘Melco & Colleagues Giving Stores’ have benefited:
500 underprivileged families
~4,000 individuals
Donation inventory made available at the Stores for the local community in need include:
59,600+ items
53,741 donated by Melco Resorts
5,878 items donated by colleagues


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