NORTH KOREA | Official publicly admits existence of labor camps 

A North Korean official publicly acknowledged to the international community the existence of his country’s “reform through labor” camps yesterday, a mention that appeared to come in response to a

AUSTRALIA | Gov’t plans ban on foreign ‘hate preachers’ 

Australia will soon introduce a system to ban foreign “hate preachers” from entering the country and will attempt to outlaw the radical Islamic group Hizb-ut-Tahrir under proposed tougher counterterrorism laws, the

INDIA-PAKISTAN BORDER DISPUTE | 3rd night of gunfire leaves 4 dead

Troops traded heavy fire between Pakistan and Indian-controlled Kashmir, killing at least four civilians and worsening tensions between the long-time rivals, officials on both sides said yesterday. The fire exchanges — which

SOUTH KOREA | Captain apologizes for leaving doomed ferry

The captain of a doomed South Korean ferry yesterday apologized for abandoning passengers but said he didn’t know his actions would lead to the deaths of more than 300 people,

KOREAS | North and South navy boats trade warning fire near border

Naval boats of North Korea and South Korea exchanged warning fire near their disputed sea border in the Yellow Sea, days after high-ranking officials from both countries agreed to seek

N KOREA | Smuggled phones help defectors send money home

A cellphone smuggled into North Korea helped Lee Seo Yeon take on two missions: one emotional, one financial. But at first, she feared there might be some mistake. Listening in Seoul, the 40-year-old

MYANMAR | Gov’t pardons over 3,000 political prisoners

The Myanmar government pardoned 3,073 prisoners yesterday as part of an amnesty that rights groups said included more than a dozen political prisoners, a month before a summit of regional leaders convenes

MALAYSIA | Authorities urged not to deport 155 Uighurs to China

Human rights groups have urged Malaysia not to deport 155 ethnic Uighur migrants, including 76 children, back to China, fearing they could face persecution. A senior Malaysian immigration official said yesterday that

JAPAN |Typhoon washes 3 US airmen out to sea

A powerful typhoon that washed three American airmen in Okinawa out to sea, killing at least one, slammed central Japan yesterday, stalling trains and flights and triggering mudslides, before swerving

INDIA-PAKISTAN BORDER DISPUTE | Kashmiris flee renewed shelling, 9 dead

Tens of thousands of villagers were fleeing their homes in Kashmir yesterday, as Indian and Pakistani troops bombarded each other with gunfire and mortar shells over the border separating Pakistan from India’s

FLIGHT MH370 | Deep seabed search begins in Indian Ocean waters

Investigators hunting wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were set to scan the ocean floor in waters as much as 6.4 kilometers deep in the southern Indian Ocean yesterday, amid

KOREAS | Kim still secluded as advisers push for improved relations

The highest-ranking security advisers of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Park Geun Hye met for the first time and agreed to push for improved relations

PAKISTAN | Taliban chief offers help to Islamic State

The Pakistani Taliban offered to help Islamic State and other militant fighters in Syria and Iraq and called on them to stay united as they besiege the northern Kurdish stronghold

Offbeat: Errant Taliban tweet claims spokesman in Pakistan

An apparently errant tweet by the Taliban’s spokesman in Afghanistan gave his location as being in neighboring Pakistan. On Friday, a tweet by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claiming an attack included

AFGHANISTAN | Kabul, US sign security pact  to keep foreign troops

Afghanistan and the United States signed a security pact yesterday to allow U.S. forces to remain in the country past the end of year, ending a year of uncertainty over the

JAPAN | 5 more bodies found at volcano, death toll rises to 36

Five more bodies were found near the summit of a Japanese volcano yesterday, bringing the total presumed dead to 36, police said, as toxic gases and ash from the still-erupting

Mystery over Kim Jong Un fuels health rumors 

North Korea’s authoritarian leader makes no public appearances for three weeks, skipping a high-profile event he usually attends. An official documentary shows him limping and overweight and mentions his “discomfort.” What follows

AFGHANISTAN | Ashraf Ghani sworn in as president after disputed vote

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was sworn in yesterday as Afghanistan’s new president, replacing Hamid Karzai in the country’s first democratic transfer of power since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion toppled the Taliban. Moments after Ghani

JAPAN | More than 30 believed dead at erupting volcano

Rescue workers have found 30 or more people unconscious and believed to be dead near the peak of an erupting volcano in central Japan, local government and police said. Nagano prefecture posted

INDIA DIPLOMACY | Modi courts Indian-Americans at Madison Sq Garden

A day after addressing a hushed U.N. General Assembly, where headphone-wearing delegates rarely break into a smile, India’s new prime minister is assured a raucous reception as he addresses a crowd from

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