‘The Murder List’ is compelling story by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Jack North is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Boston. His reputation precedes him, and he’s known for applying tough but legal tactics for his

Entertaining array of stylings on Jason Hawk Harris’ debut

A single guitar solo is by itself worth the price of admission to Jason Hawk Harris’ world. The climactic moment on the Houston native’s full-length debut

News of the World | Freeway crossing to give wildlife room to roam

Like many urban singles, the mountain lion P-22 lives a solitary life in a too-small habitat. And he has a hard time finding a mate in the

Showbiz | Could we BE any more excited? ‘Friends’ fans nuts for merch

See your “Friends” on the big screen. Deck out your place with “Friends” decor. Wear your “Friends” as jewelry. Heck, buy the “Friends” Lego set and pretend

Woodstock lives | With a little help from my friends

*Movies: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark * Books: The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator by Timothy C. Winegard * Music: Mixtape

‘Scary Stories’ is a likable Frankenstein of a movie

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is, likably, a Frankenstein of a movie that stitches together tales from the cultishly beloved 1980s book series by Alvin

Author Timothy C. Winegard traces mosquito through history

Since the dawn of humankind, mosquitoes have been around to pester us, buzzing in an ear before selecting a blood vessel on which to feast. But these

Good guitar can’t save Jesse Dayton’s ‘Mixtape’

Seasoned music industry pro Jesse Dayton is out with his 12th studio album, “Mixtape Volume 1,” a bawdy collection of ho-hum country, masquerading as edgy outlaw stuff.

‘A waterfall of love’: Woodstock memories 50 years later

They helicoptered over crowds into the Woodstock festival and hiked in past abandoned cars. They danced at dawn on a muddy hillside and dodged drenching rain. They

Travelog | Will populist politics undo a renaissance at Italy’s Uffizi?

To protect the masterpieces at the Uffizi Galleries, the Florence museum’s director climbed a ladder and hurled an employee’s bicycle down at a sheet of glass specially

Sudan’s new power broker

  * Movies: The Art of Racing in the Rain * Books: Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein * Music: Finch by Penny & Sparrow * F&B:

Dog’s POV can’t carry ‘Art of Racing in the Rain’

The film adaptation of “The Art of Racing in the Rain” seems to have been designed by algorithm to maximize appeal for a certain demographic of women aged around

Digital dating proves complicated in ‘Love at First Like’

Dating in the digital age can be tricky business, especially when you project an image on social media that is in no way a truthful depiction of

‘Finch’ from Penny & Sparrow is a gem

Texas-raised duo Penny & Sparrow had to do some heavy touring to truly search their souls. They explore the resulting range of emotions and deliver it on

News of the World | A new strongman in Sudan? Experts aren’t so sure

When Sudan’s protest leaders signed a preliminary power-sharing agreement with the ruling military council in early July, they had no choice but to shake hands with the

F&B | UK food industry looks to avoid shortages in no-deal Brexit

The U.K. food industry is urging the government to set aside competition rules so companies can coordinate supply decisions to combat food shortages if Britain leaves the

Migrant appiness?

  * Movies: Luce * Books: The Chelsea Girls: a Novel by Fiona Davis * Music: Para Mi by Cuco * Travelog: Gordon Ramsay Uncharted   DOWNLOAD

Ace cast commands in tense family drama in ‘Luce’

Be yourself is a loaded idea for any 17-year-old, but especially for one Luce (pronounced “loose”) Edgar, the title character of director Julius Onah’s riveting adaptation of

Red scare of ‘50s tests friends in ‘Chelsea Girls’

Best friends Hazel and Maxine, stars of Fiona Davis’ new book, “The Chelsea Girls,” never really got to be girls. Circumstances forced them to grow up quickly,

Cuco brings layers to lo-fi love songs on ‘Para Mi’

Love songs may be known for their traditionally jovial tone, but on Cuco’s full-length debut he gives his love ballads a darker tone. “Para Mi” has lighter moments and

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