First-of-kind nail biter in Best Picture race

Usually by now, a consensus favorite has emerged after months of guild and critics groups awards — or at least a front-runner along with one or two

The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg VII

In comparison with other major wine-producing countries in Europe, Germany possesses a notably high number and indeed proportion of aristocratic and ecclesiastical estates. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Rheingau and Mosel

Travelog | ‘Atlas of Beer’ surveys beer culture around the world

Think of beer and you may think of Irish pubs or Germany’s Oktoberfest. But a National Geographic book called the “Atlas of Beer” surveys beer across six

Bateman, McAdams anchor lively and fun ‘Game Night’

A murder mystery party goes sideways when violent kidnappers arrive before the fake ones in “Game Night,” which seems on the page to be like all the

Love proves graceful, profound in ‘Rosie Colored Glasses’

Rex has no desire to twirl with Rosie through an antique shop, and Rosie isn’t the type to stay in bed on Sunday mornings. For now, however,

Troubadour Vance Joy delivers on ‘Nation of Two’

If ukuleles make their way back onto the pop charts, you can probably thank Vance Joy. The Australian singer-songwriter delivers an exciting sophomore effort with “Nation of Two,” a

How the ultra-wealthy say ‘I love you’ with over-the-top travel

Vacations of a lifetime The Taj Mahal was built as a love letter. Commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1631 to honor his teenage

The Palatine Idyll II

(Continued from “The Palatine Idyll” on 29 December 2017) German wine laws are notoriously complicated, and those governing the VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter)

KitchenWise | Steamed mussels are a perfect choice for a weeknight meal

Mussels are the perfect choice for a weeknight meal. They’re a terrific source of low-fat protein, they’re inexpensive, they cook up quickly, and as they cook,

Vacations of a lifetime

To which we say, game on. While today’s ultra-wealthy may not be commissioning timeless monuments to show how much they love their spouses, they are producing extravagant epics

Travelog | Ridicule of leaders, samba, skimpy garb at Brazil Carnival

Rio de Janeiro’s top samba schools danced and sang hard this week as millions of other Brazilians did the same during nationwide Carnival celebrations that ridiculed

From Raspberry to Yangmei (杨梅)

With Chinese New Year comes the biggest annual movement of population on the planet, being the most important time in Asia for family gatherings. It is the time

News of the world | Deep down: Rivalry between Koreas, Japan transcends sport

As South Korea’s national soccer coach prepared to play Japan in a 1954 World Cup qualifier, President Syngman Rhee, who’d been liberated, with the rest of Korea,

Angelic harmonies shine on I’m With Her’s new album

Feels like fate must have brought together three already successful alt-folk musicians whose angel voices blend as seamlessly as their strings. The lovely sounds of I’m With

Tom Miller’s novel turns gender roles upside down

Rarely does a novel begin with rollicking fierceness that grabs readers from its opening lines and doesn’t loosen its grip or lessen its hold all the way

Lean and mischievous, ‘The Party’ is worth your time

Sally Potter’s new film “The Party" is 71 minutes long. That fact alone shouldn’t necessarily be a selling point — stories need as long as

More than Sports

(un)healthy dose of cultural chauvinism and envy mixed in   * Movies: The Party * Books: The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller * Music: See You Around by

Sharing the Ice

    * Movies: Black Panther * Books: Feel Free: Essays by Zadie Smith * Music: Every third thought by David Duchovny * Wine: Organic

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