In ‘Happening,’ a riveting abortion drama

Happening  Audrey Diwan’s Golden Lion-winner at last year’s Venice Film Festival, is set in 1963 France but the period detail isn’t prominent. Instead, it’s an abortion

Classics with a twist

Renowned for its culinary artistry, Lai Heen's meticulously curated gastronomic journey enables it to take its place in the highly respected accolades for six consecutive years

Liam Neeson kills down ‘Memory’ lane

Memory” is an interesting title for the latest Liam Neeson thriller. Do you remember the last Liam Neeson thriller? Or the one before that? Who was

Fit for a connoisseur

This month, St. Regis Macao's The Manor is launching monthly wine dinners known as The Connoisseur’s Table.  French wine connoisseurs will be thrilled in May

Mirren, Broadbent charm in art heist pic ‘The Duke’

If you’re gonna face a jury for a crime you’ve already confessed to — and even explained how you did it — you’d better have something

Dreaming about London

With the covid situation it is difficult to travel at the moment. For those who want to dream about being in London, Sheraton Grand Macao came

A portrait of a Putin opposition leader in ‘Navalny’

“Navalny”  is so taut and suspenseful you’d think John le Carré had left behind a secret manuscript that’s only just coming to light now. This

Urban Paradise

“Modern life is very hectic and I feel like there is a lot of anxiety in the air of our city. So late last year I decided

‘COW’ needs no words to convey one animal’s life

The human voice, a necessity in virtually any film, is barely existent and wholly secondary in “COW.” We hear only random bits of conversation, muffled and

Delicious delights 

This April The Lounge at JW Marriott Hotel Macau has prepared new cocktails, small plates and other culinary creations to offer in an elegant space and

Legendary spirit

Last week, Swiss watchmaker Longines staged a launch event for its Longines Spirit — Macau Edition at its flagship store in the Largo do São Domingos, Macau. 23

Pumpkin Soup

Madcap metaverses meld in ‘Everything Everywhere’

Everything Everywhere All at Once” is your standard multiverse martial arts movie about filing your taxes and midlife regret in which googly eyes, everything bagels and


Taste of Sakura

To celebrate sakura’s time of flowering, Ohte at Four Seasons Macao is featuring a special Taste of Sakura menu. Innovative Japanese desserts and cocktails are

In ‘After Yang,’ an android’s death opens new doors

The two features by the South Korean-born filmmaker and video essayist Kogonada – his auspicious debut “Columbus” and the new “After Yang” – are distinct for their

Nature in city 

This Spring, The North Face Urban Exploration launches their Urban Traverse capsule collection in the seasonal theme “In City. In Nature.” Exploration is a mindset. From

Zest of Spring

The Ritz-Carlton Café is collaborating with French artisanal jewellery brand Les Néréides again throughout March and April. With Les Néréides Set Lunch Menu, diners are to experience French

Truffle fries

In ‘X,’ a 1970s porn shoot runs into trouble

In Houston 1979, a small film crew arrives to make a porn film in a rented cottage on a farm belonging to an aged couple, one

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