New Museum pays tribute to African Art

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Laurel and Hardy movie ‘Stan & Ollie’ is a joy

There are lot of movies in theaters right now trying to grab your attention, and dollars, from big superhero spectacles and musical extravaganzas to awards darlings and

Book reflects on Rock Hudson’s stardom, closeted love life

Had Rock Hudson not died of AIDS in 1985, he might be best remembered as the most successful of the postwar male stars who got into the

News of the world | At new Museum of Black Civilizations, a call to come home

The Museum of Black Civilizations in Senegal opened this month amid a global conversation about the ownership and legacy of African art. The West African nation’s culture

The Stature of Alsace

Governed by Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité (INAO), France’s world-renowned Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system is primus inter pares in Europe, predating its opposite numbers

TRAVELOG | Digital detox: Resorts offer perks for handing over phones

Can you take a vacation from your cellphone? A growing number of hotels will help you find out. Some resorts are offering perks, like snorkeling tours

Baroque echoes in Macau

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The Great White North

The second largest country in the world by total area (land and sea areas combined), Canada seems significantly larger than China and the US on the standard world

Travelog | Virgin Galactic tourism rocket ship reaches space in test

Virgin Galactic’s tourism spaceship climbed more than 50 miles high above California’s Mojave Desert last week, reaching for the first time what the company considers the boundary

Just in time for Christmas, a zombie holiday musical

Consider it an early Christmas gift: “Anna and the Apocalypse” is the zombie horror holiday musical you didn’t know you needed. Just imagining that first pitch

‘Pandemic’ rings warning bell about gene-editing technology

When there’s a scientific breakthrough, Robin Cook doesn’t just stand up and cheer. He uses his fertile imagination and writes a novel about its possible perils.

LP, diminutive singer with big voice, lays it out

There’s a reference to shape-shifting tucked into the lyrics of “When I’m Over You,” the second song on LP’s new album, “Heart to Mouth,” and it didn’t

Music Review | Quintessentially Baroque

Part I – Once forgotten, now recollected The story of Baroque is a perpetual one, as told by past and present editions of the Baroque Music Festival.

Shadow, the master’s Three Kingdoms saga

  * Movie: The Mule * Book: Broken Ground by Val McDermid * Music: The Prophet Speaks by Van Morrison * Wine: The Nomenclatural

‘Broken Ground’ gives new insight to Scotland’s role in war

The past is always in the present for Edinburgh Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie, making her fifth appearance in Val McDermid’s expertly plotted “Broken Ground.” As head

Van Morrison’s latest finds him in relaxed, swinging groove

The first thing longtime listeners to Van Morrison will notice is the lack of angst — his 40th studio album is missing the usual complaints about the

In ‘The Mule,’ Clint reflects on a life on the road

Both tender apologia and vigorous justification, Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” is a deeply, fascinatingly personal meditation from the 88-year-old director who, like his aged drug mule protagonist,

Zhang Yimou’s ‘Shadow’ is breathtakingly beautiful saga

Black ink drips from the tip of a brush and daggers into clear water, spiraling out like smoke; a Chinese zither sounds a ferocious, twanging note that

The Nomenclatural Exception

In the timeless tragedy Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare wrote “ rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. This generally applies to grape varieties – even

kitchenwise | Braised short ribs: an adaptation

This is actually an adaptation of a recipe by a very talented New York chef named Tom Valenti. Who (no pun intended) is known for his stick

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