John Wick’ delivers non-stop action

In an intriguing cinematic twist, Keanu Reeves’ Matrix stunt double Chad Stahelski becomes his co-director with David Leitch on “John Wick,” a visceral revenge thriller that marks a confident, muscular

“Superstorm” (Dutton), by Kathryn Miles

It’s been a weak hurricane season in the Atlantic so far, with little to worry U.S. coastal residents, but any forecaster will tell you: It only takes one storm to

Jessie Ware cruises on sophomore album

Jessie Ware’s “Tough Love” is lovely, and that’s not a tepid endorsement. No, the English singer’s sophomore disc is lovely in the way of a sunset or a cruise around

NEWS OF THE WORLD | MDT/AP Exclusive: Driving up revered N Korea mountain

The Kaema Plateau, the “Roof of Korea,” is a stunning, forest-covered highland nestled in such treacherous mountains that it was never taken by the Allies during the Korean War. It’s

The Spirit of Japan II

(Continued from “The Spirit of Japan” on 5 September 2014) Although its history can be traced back to the 16th century, shochu was in a downward spiral in much of the


So what exactly is the Asian touch? “Dishes that combine French classic style with influences,” says Chef Eddy Leung, one of Hong Kong’s leading names in Western cooking. Born in

Tea ceremony still a respite from fast-paced world

* Movies: Fury * Books: Time Out of Mind: * The Lives of Bob Dylan by Ian Bell * Wine: The Biodynamic Renaissance * Food: spice it up with chef ken DOWNLOAD

‘Fury’ aims for an unvarnished look at war

At one point during “Fury,” the World War II drama starring Brad Pitt out Friday, a tank commander’s head is blown off while he’s hunched outside his vehicle during a

‘Time Out of Mind’ is rich study on Dylan

For Dylan’s many obsessive fans, who have been offered a wealth of analyses of this singular artist over the years, Bell delivers the goods. Chapters are heavy with engrossing and

DIGITAL LIFE | Tea ceremony still a respite from fast-paced world

Despite the rapid pace of our high-tech world, or perhaps because of it, the ancient Japanese tradition of tea ceremony is as popular as ever, with tea ceremony schools, demonstrations

The Biodynamic Renaissance

The heritage of Château Durfort-Vivens (Deuxième Cru) can be traced back to the 12th century, and for 7 centuries it was continuously owned by the Durfort de Duras family, which


“Ladies, the best time to eat this is before the meat gets cold. That means you have ten minutes. After that, things will taste different, so please start,” he says

How to use a smart desk? Stand up!

* Movies: St. vincent * Books: Full measure by t. Jefferson Parker * Music: Old boots, new dirt by Jason Aldean * Wine: The classicism of modernity ii * Food: Pairing with confidence DOWNLOAD

Murray delights as curmudgeonly ‘Vincent’

If we were going to be curmudgeonly about it — and “St. Vincent” is, after all, a movie about a curmudgeon — we’d focus on the one major flaw in

‘Full Measure’ is realistic on every level

T. Jefferson Parker, known for his crime novels, delivers an emotional and gut-wrenching literary departure that’s miles away from what his fans and readers would expect in “Full Measure.” Patrick Norris

Jason Aldean focuses on his rock side on new album

Jason Aldean, who helped elevate hard rock dynamics and hip-hop conventions in contemporary country music, focuses on his rock side on his sixth studio album, “Old Boots, New Dirt.” Aldean has

DIGITAL LIFE | Stir Kinetic smart desk makes you stand up

The other reason the desk needs smarts is that you don't have them. Well, not you, in particular, but people like you. Apparently we know that sitting all day is

The Classicism of Modernity II

(Continued from “The Classicism of Modernity” on 20 June 2014) The birthplace of Dionysian legends, Greece is rightly proud of its ancient roots and rich heritage. Whereas during the


In my opinion, wine connoisseurs are not people who buy the most expensive bottles they can get their hands on. They are individuals who focus on value for money, taking

Bellini’s opera opens Friday in Macau | Hard to play Norma

* Movies: Two Faces * Books: Strong Darkness  by Jon Land * Music: The Mozart Album  by Lang Lang * Wine: The Shades of Green * Food: pink for Revolution   DOWNLOAD

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