tTunes | Seventeen offer fleeting distraction with new EP

Is it a “Homerun” for Seventeen? With special album “;(Semicolon),” Seventeen offer some comfort pop. Punctuation can be difficult, as is putting together a great album. Semicolons are notorious little bumps in

Music | Company behind S. Korean hit band BTS soar in trading debut

South Korea’s Big Hit Entertainment, the company that manages global pop sensation BTS, had a dynamite trading debut Thursday in Seoul, helped by the zeal of its loyal fans. Big Hit’s

tTunes | Taylor Swift’s new album is strikingly heroic

In the years since Taylor Swift released her killer pop album “1989” in 2014, the singer has amped the production of her music, adding sounds including electronica, synth pop, R&B,

tTunes | Lucinda Williams channels her anger into song

Lucinda Williams has come up with an album for our times — at least if you’re as angry as she is. “Good Souls, Better Angels” is anything but subtle. Williams takes

tTunes | New Shelby Lynne album connected to unreleased film

There’s hardly a song among the 11 on Shelby Lynne’s first solo record since 2015 that fails to mention love, and even the exceptions stay on theme. The self-titled album is

Mac Miller posthumous album is heartbreakingly full

Why does everybody need me to stay?” Mac Miller asks on the first single from his latest release. He answered his own question with the superb posthumous “Circles.” Miller’s

Liam Payne stumbles badly with embarrassing debut CD

One Direction fans have reason to rejoice this holiday season: They get not just one, but two full albums from former members — Liam Payne and Harry

Townshend, Daltrey return to The Who’s rocking ways

While frequently joining forces for tours and other projects, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have released just two studio albums as The Who since 1982, with 2006’s

Harry Styles ‘steps into the light’ with great album

Arriving just in time to mess-up everyone’s best-of-the-year music lists is Harry Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line.” The former One Direction member richly deserves a spot on

Beck shoots into the galaxy for latest trippy album

The 11 songs on the aptly named “Hyperspace” are airy and psychedelic, with warm textures and waves of shimmering synth. “Hyperspace” seems a natural progression

Coldplay do a 180-degree turn from arena pop-rock

At the end of a year that saw musicians like Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran gingerly dip their toes into other languages, Coldplay have responded: Hold my

All-star Mose Allison tribute hits the right spots

It may be a tired cliche to say someone was one of a kind, but Mose Allison most definitely was. A jazz and blues pianist whose songwriting career meshed

Leonard Cohen’s posthumous album centers on poetry

Leonard Cohen’s last album, released just weeks before he passed in 2016, was “You Want It Darker,” which had a sense of finality that made it a

Tom Waits’ songs shine on female-focused tribute

Hard-times troubadour Tom Waits gets the Great American Songbook-style treatment in “Come On Up to the House,” a classy collection of covers performed by two generations of

Joanna Connor takes her blues guitar down new paths

Joanna Connor takes her powerful guitar down new paths on “Rise,” an album featuring some jazzier hues, her considerable acoustic skills and even a guest rapper while

No sophomore slump for country singer Luke Combs

Not many artists break out on their first record, but Luke Combs did it without much fanfare, dropping an album two years ago that has spent 50

Van Morrison shines on ‘Three Chords and the Truth’

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or, at least with Van Morrison, an album by its title. Arriving on the heels of a successful series

Neil Young back in his ragged glory with ‘Colorado’

Neil Young is back with his old band Crazy Horse in all their ragged glory with “Colorado,” a beautiful, rambling, chaotic howl against climate change, division and hate.

Chris Knight snarls out an album that fits the times

In his first release in more than seven years, Kentucky-born country rocker Chris Knight has snarled out an album that’s gruff, uncompromising and perfect for the times.

Elbow’s powerful new album a reflection of its time

With all the talk about bleakness and the experiences of anger and loss affecting “Giants of All Sizes,” you’d imagine Elbow’s eighth studio album arriving with an

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